Hi, I'm Nick!
Ito design meaningful
products and services.




MSc. Industrial Design

Nick is a designer with a strategic mindset who excels at seeing new opportunities and helping organizations to get there; also known as 'design thinking'. He loves thinking about the future, and has a broad interest in technology, human sciences and design philosophy.

As a designer, Nick is mostly appreciated for quickly seeing patterns in complex situations, and finding possible design directions for them. Because of his ability to quickly create new concepts and finding relevant knowledge to it, people who work closely with him often call him 'Go-go-Google'.

Last, his visual communication skills and affinity with web development helps him to translate and communicate insights into compelling value propositions for the diverse audiences he works with.



Design Thinking

Framing opportunities and creating new value propositions. Designing and facilitating creative workshops.

Design Research

Setting up and conducting user research, specialized in interviews and co-reflection. Writing papers.


Conceptualizing workflows, visualizing screens, creating illustrations.


HTML, CSS, and some PHP & Javascript. Primary experience in CMS development.



CHAT Approach to Framing in Digital Service Innovation
Nick Sturkenbaum, Ehsan Baha, Dirk Snelders, Maaike Kleinsmann, Rebecca Price
International Conference of Engineering Design 2019

Good Design-Driven Innovation
Ehsan Baha, Nick Sturkenbaum, Gray Dawdy, Rebecca Price
Design Research Society DRS, 2018 - Best Paper Award

Using design to initiate collaborative networks
Ehsan Baha, Nick Sturkenbaum, Lu Yuan, Bas Raijmakers
Cambridge Academic Design Management Conference 2013

Asynchronous collaboration within collaborative networks
Ehsan Baha, Nick Sturkenbaum, Lu Yuan, Gabriele Tempesta
Participatory Innovation Conference 2013

Endless innovation: the role of industrial design in maintaining the relationship between business & society
Dominika Potuzakova, Nick Sturkenbaum, Dirk Snelders
Creativity and Innovation in Design 2011


Some organizations I've worked with

TU Delft
Brainport Eindhoven
Lunet Zorg