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Nick Sturkenbaum

Design is much more than a great looking product.
It is the means to connect brand experience with people. Design focuses on creating and expressing a user centric vision for brands, one that reflects people’s values and ideals. This vision should be executed through strategy, services and products so that people may build stable, long lasting relationships with their brands. Brands which they can trust to go beyond desire and fulfil their needs whilst reflecting their ideals. My drive is to make that happen.

Nick has supported large projects that involved leading large corporate collaborations through design facilitation, designs with- and within start-ups. Currently, he is currently working as a freelance design consultant, developing websites and corporate identities. Besides being a designer, Nick has written several scientific publications that involve knowledge sharing and the strategic value of design.

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Design Thinking
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Good Design...

Distinguishes your brand from others. Good design does not copy other brands, good design comes from the core principles of a company and reflects its identity and values.

Connects brand vision with execution. Good design does not only look 'nice' or 'tasteful', it delivers value that aims to surpass the expectation.

Is being built from cultural practices, allowing a connected transition from past to future, amplifying our abilities. True innovation is not necessarily new, it is the new that also makes sense.

Is durable, stepping away from the short trends and allows to be something that can be enjoyed over a longer time.

Is honest. Good design doesn’t misinform users in how valuable, powerful or innovative it is, honest design helps to improve the relationship between brands and people by matching promises and expectations.

Entitles people to take a certain responsibility within their lives. Good design makes us aware of our responsibilities in life and enables us to act upon them.

Promotes the local but speaks global. Good design is pragmatic and able to adapt itself to social context, culture and rituals. There is no ‘one fit for all’.

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