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Improving the experience of colorectal cancer therapy

Finding new opportunities within colorectal cancer treatment

Chemotherapy is a heavy struggle, not just for a patient but for an entire household. That’s why Altuition Engineering asked us to come up with a new proposition to see how we could improve the service experience of chemotherapy for patients with colonary cancer, one of the major types of cancer within Western Society.

To tackle this major challenge, we expanded the boundaries of a traditional customer service journey technique and took into account the perspectives of different stakeholders within the service process. These stakeholders; family members, patients, medical personnel and care organizations, were interviewed and mapped out on a customer journey. A major breakthrough within this service proposal was the insight that chemotherapy does not end after the service within the hospital but should be respected throughout the whole journey. This insight lead to a design proposal of a dieting community that promotes the sociability of food and special diets through workshops and online recipes.

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Defining new boundaries

Mapping out the customer journey and taking in account the leading stakeholder perspectives. An additional emotional layer is added upon the touchpoints to emphasize empathy towards the patient. An interactive model can be found here

Dieting Platform

Among 3 newly found service opportunities, a dieting platform was regarded as most promising.
Surviving colorectal cancer will always lead to a strict, new diet that will last a lifetime and it's likely that family members will also have to review their dietary habits.

Dieting movement

More importantly, eating food is a social event, and the disease often lead to isolation among our interviewed participants. Another issue was the lack of inspiration in coming up with new, enjoyable dishes.
Therefore, an online community was proposed which organizes meet ups on a regular basis for sharing and experiencing dishes and life stories. This allows people to build upon knowledge and experiences of others, increasing the chance they will maintain and enjoy a healthy diet.

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