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Co-Reflection Workshop

Setting out a new service strategy for is an online, demand & offer platform for transporters that recently launched their first version. Together with their partners, Trucking wanted to investigate whether its service is in match with user needs & expectations. For, we organized a Co-Reflection workshop, invited the different stakeholders and users of and explored their service model, user experience and website. Subsequently, a report was written with recommendations and best practices that outline a new strategy and product roadmap to improve their business.

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Client, Logistics Force & Freightlive


2015 January


Workshop facilitator,
Design consultant

Workshop Program


By mapping the different stakeholder roles and exploring user needs within the daily practices of the Trucking business, new insights were generated and presented towards the board of By starting from the very business core of, the workshop was able to find significant pressure points and new opportunities for their website.

User Experience

After allowing all participants to realize what could become, the workshop assigned different groups that would explore how Trucking could improve their daily lives in the trucking business on their designated digital platforms (i.e. phone, tablet and desktop). The outcome this workshop session was then synthesized by our consultancy group in order to create a seamless experience and a product roadmap for the new website and service of

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