Vantage Point

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Guiding innovation within collaborative networks

Vantage Point is the outcome of my Master thesis and currently under development. It aims to become a social media tool focuses on sharing contextual knowledge, deployable within customer service journeys and collaborative stakeholder networks. During my thesis, I supported and researched the sharing of knowledge through social media within the Grey but Mobile Project

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TU/e, Eindhoven, Connexxion, ZuidZorg, CRISP




Design Thinker

Knowledge Sharing

Vantage Point is a collaborative knowledge tool that deploys social media to collect and accumulate different bodies of knowledge. In multi-stakeholder projects, the availablity of the involved parties are often limited, leaving few opportunities to share ideas and insights which are necessary for reframing a problem and getting to its essence.

Guiding research & innovation

Through the accumulation of (contextual) knowledge and qualitative analysis, Vantage Point can reveal opportunities and pain points within current approaches to complex problems. By promoting an iterative form of open innovation, Vantage Point attempts to create an environment that crosses the cultural boundaries from the individual organizations. By taking pressure off knowledge brokering, Vantage Point helps designers in triple helix projects to focus on facilitating the process towards innovation. Such an approach is also extremely useful within service design, which led me to start developing a professional app.

This project was part of my scientific publication within the Participatory Innovation Conference (PINC)

PINC Paper

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